The combination of the sea and mountainous surroundings, the endless vista of the Gulf of Maliakos and Euboea seen from the amphitheatric location of the mountainous settlements, as well as the seaside area with its beaches, make this location unique. The area is also rich in very important historical monuments.

Kalidromo: Here you will find a wood of unexpected and exquisite beauty with oak trees, cedars, black pine trees, maritime pine trees and a beautiful lake on the plateau of Souvala; rich pastures and an incredible variety of herbs and fragrant plants are found in its ravines which are sheltered by plane-tree thickets. Inaccessible canyons and hillocks compose colour palettes of exquisite beauty throughout the year. A Bonfire Festival is organized by the Mountaineering Club in May.

Mendenitsa: A most picturesque village tucked away in the green vegetation of Kalidromo with an incredible view and special cultural importance. Its medieval Castle is one of the most important and well-preserved castles of its kind. In the Castle of Mendenitsa, cultural events, concerts of sophisticated Greek songs, theatricals, tradition evenings and poetry evenings are organized during the summer season. Exhibitions of table wine, ceramics and paintings are also held.

The listed Primary School, the centuries-old plane-tree round which people gather in groups, the country chapel of Ai-Thanassis, the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos and the Convent of Agia Triada [The Holy Trinity] where the nuns are engaged in hagiography, are the most important sights of the area.

Molos: Music events, theatrical performances, dances, book presentations, as well as painting and pottery exhibitions are held in the tourist facilities of the beach in Molos during the summer months.

The following places are also interesting sightseeing destinations: the acropolis of Alpinon in Anavra, Latzorema Canyon and the view from the hill of Prophet Elias in Karavidia, as well as "Bourvari", a road with plane-trees, ivy and waters in Komnina and the well-known lighthouse called "Hiliomili" in Skarfia.

Most of the special tracks of the ACROPOLIS RALLY are found in the area of this Municipality for a long time now.

Traditional festivals are held in all the above villages during the summer months.


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